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Ricoh Camera Photo Recovery-Recovering Deleted Images/Videos on Ricoh Camera

Can I Recover Deleted Photos from Ricoh Camera?

I have taken some pictures during my vacation in England with my Ricoh GR digital camera. It's terrible that I mistakenly deleted all pictures from my camera without transferring them to my PC. Is it still possible for me to recover deleted photos from Ricoh camera? I'm using a SDHX card on it. Thanks.

Ricoh digital camera offers users with high quality experience of photographing. However, photos on your Ricoh digital camera can still be lost due to deletion, memory card formatting or even system error. The good news is that as long as lost photos haven't been overwritten by new data on your Ricoh camera's memory card, you can still restore lost photos with a Ricoh camera photo recovery program.

Data Recovery for Ricoh camera (compatible with Windows 8.1 Blue/8/7/Vista/XP), or Ricoh camera Data Recovery for Mac (compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Mac OS X 10.8(Mountain Lion), 10.7, 10.6, or 10.5) is all what you need to recover photos from Ricoh camera. It recovers deleted, formatted or corrupted photos from your Ricoh camera in a simple and rather safe way. Additionally, you'll be able to recover videos and audio files from your Ricoh digital camera too.

Now download a trial version of this program to start Ricoh camera photo recovery!

3 Steps to Recover Photos from Ricoh Camera

First thing first, you'd better stop using your Ricoh camera or putting any new data to your Ricoh camera's memory card if you want to restore all lost photos.

Now let's recover deleted photos from Ricoh camera with Windows version of Ricoh camera Photo Recovery.

Step 1 Install and launch Ricoh camera Photo Recovery on your computer

As you can see from the image below, the start window will show all supported devices and storage media. You just need to click "Start" to recover Ricoh digital camera photos.

Note: Please make sure that your Ricoh camera or its memory card can be well-connected with your computer.

Step 2 Scan your Ricoh camera or its memory card

Here you need to select the drive letter for your Ricoh camera or its memory card and click "Scan" to start scanning lost photos on it.

Step 3 Recover photos from Ricoh camera

After scanning, all found files on your Ricoh or its memory card will be displayed in "Audio", "Photo" and "Video" categories. You can preview found photos one by one in the window.

Then you can mark pictures you are going to recover from your Ricoh camera and click "Recover" to select a destination on your computer to restore them.

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CF Card Data Recovery-Recover CF Card deleted, formatted or lost data

What's a Compact Flash card?

Typically uses flash memory in a standardized enclosure, the Compact Flash (CF) card is a popular mass storage device format used in a variety of portable electronic equipments, such as cameras, camcorders, DSLRs, game devices, music players, etc. to store photos, videos, audio files and other multimedia files safely and to make their portability easier.

How to recover CF card data deleted, formatted or lost on Mac?

* Accidental deletion
* Pressing the reformat button in camera
* Various reasons of damage like low battery power, turning off on writing/reading, etc.
* And so forth

You may have lost your vital photos, videos and audio files from a CF card due to any reason above. As a matter of fact, the files are not completely erased from the CF card on the deletion or formatting. Only files names and properties are erased, the file content is still hanging around and recoverable. All you need is to get a CF (Compact Flash) card recovery Mac tool, which can help to retrieve all the contents. CF card Data Recovery for Mac (compatible with Mac OS X 10.11 EI Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8(Mountain Lion), 10.7, 10.6, or 10.5) is one of that. Before acting, keep in mind that less operation on the CF card gives you higher chances to get lost files back.

Step 1. Connect your CF card to Mac

Connect your CF card to the Mac through proper adapters or the device directly. Download the free trial version of Canon CF card recovery from its official site and install it on your Mac computer. Then connect the CF card to computer via a card reader.

Step 2. Select the CF path for recovery

The program can detects all drives connected to the computer. On the drive list, select your CF card as target drive. Then click the "Start Scan" button to perform full scan of deleted photos on CF card..

Step 3. Recover CF card on Mac

After the complete scan, all the files found back are well listed in the scan result panel. Check the folders of audio, video(.mxf) and photo on the left, and then hit "Recover" to get them all back. Remember to save them on your Mac or other storage devices, but not the same CF card from which you lost them before due to safety of the file.

Tip: Don't save the recovered photos on your original Compact Flash card again. Find another place for safety's sake. If you are a Windows user, please try CF card Data Recovery (compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP) here to do Compact Flash data Recovery.


How To Customize Your Laptop To Make It Work For Your Personal Computing Needs

Whenever you think of buying a new computer, there is one clear question: desktop or laptop? Years ago, you bought a laptop because you loved the portability but you lost a certain amount of computing potential because the desktop was just that much more powerful. As the years have gone on, there have been more and more advancements so that you can buy a laptop now without sacrificing a lot of the quality which was present only in desktops. Many laptops nowadays run off of the same operating systems as desktop computers so many of the customizations that you want to do for desktops apply to laptops as well.

When you're looking at doing a laptop customization, think about what it is you want to upgrade so you can maximize your personal computing experience. If you decide that you want to play more video games, you may want to get more RAM for the computer. This is very easy to do as you just have to go to your local computer store and ask them to get you more RAM. Usually your laptop computer has an extra slot where you are able to snap the RAM in and plays more demanding computer games instantaneously.

If you want to customize how your laptop appears, is very easy to do. You're able to change anything from your banners to the background to how things appear just by looking through the options of your computer.

When you are looking at customizing a laptop to an even greater degree, remember that the USB port is your friend. You are able to use this to connect an A floppy drive or additional disk drives if you want to. You can also connect your iPod or a mouse if you prefer not to use the mouse that is incorporated within your laptop. There are even boards which are able to be bought so that you may place your laptop computer which simulate a desktop computer.

If you are concerned about the quality of your sound, you can also look at buying a set of speakers for your laptop. With the right cable, you are also able to connect your computer to your home stereo system as well so you do not need to bother buying a set of laptop speakers.

This gives you a couple of different ideas which you can use to improve your laptop's performance. Think about what it is you would like to improve on the laptop and either research it or go to your court local computer store to ask. The employees there will know for sure what you are or are not able to do when looking at laptop customizations. You can even call the original computer manufacturer if you are unsure of the particular specifications of your computer.


iTunes to PS3 Converter-Play/Watch iTunes Movies on PS3,Remove DRM, Convert iTunes M4V

M4V files you purchased or rented from Apple Store are DRM protected. You are restricted to play the DRM m4v files on ONLY 5 of Apple devices. If you want to play M4V files on PS3, you have to PS3 the DRM protection of M4V files and convert M4V to PS3 videos. Otherwise you couldn't play iTunes M4V files on PS3. So, a M4V to PS3 converter with DRM protection PS3 ability is a must-have if you want to play DRM M4V protected videos on PS3.

M4V to PS3 Converter meets your need exactly with the wonderful performance to easily convert M4V to PS3 and advanced DRM PS3 ability. This easy-to-use M4V to PS3 converter could automatically PS3 the DRM protection of your iTunes M4V video files. It would convert iTunes to PS3, PS4, Xbox, Zune, Android phones, tablets, etc. within only a few clicks.

Check the bellow guides to know the detailed operation on how to convert iTunes DRM M4V video files to PS3 on PC.

Free download iTunes to PS3 converter:

How to play iTunes movies on PS3 with ease?

1 Import source iTunes M4V video files

Start M4V to PS3 Converter and import source M4V video files to convert M4V to PS3 videos by clicking Add Video button.

2 Choose output profile for PS3

The DRM converter provides video preset for PS3. Choose output profile in Profile panel within this M4V to PS3 Converter for your PS3.

3 Convert and transfer iTunes video files to PS3

Click the "Start" button to crack iTunes DRM protection and convert iTunes videos to PS3 compatible video files. Once the conversion is done, you can transfer the DRM-free video to PS3 for playing on the go.

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Should the Government Offer Free Cell Phone Service to the Poor?

For millions of people, modern technology seems too far away to garner. This is especially true for those that cannot afford to get a cell phone. For many, this seems like something that is rudimentary, getting a phone. Think about the cost of getting a cellular phone in these modern times, and you'll realize that it's not exactly an easy thing to procure. The cost of a phone can easily spike into the hundreds of dollars and that's not including the cost of service. The average phone bill today can be upwards of $100 for a single line, and that is usually compounded by a contract that lasts upwards of 2 years. Those that are less fortunate and dealing with financial hardships are not going to be able to get this option and therefore are left in the dark.

The government has recently stepped into the picture and is now providing the poor with cell phone service and phones at no cost. Some people ask whether or not the government should be doing this, and the emphatic answer is a definite yes. Some pundits will be quick to say that this is a handout, but it truly isn't. The phone service is not mean to be abused and comes with a phone and 250 minutes of talk time. This is not nearly as much as many people assume that it is, and for those that are dealing with poverty, this is nothing more than a lifeline to a better future.

Those that don't think about this often, take note of what can be done with a phone these days. When filling out a job application, one of the lines requires a person to list their phone number, but for the poor, with no landline and no phone, there is no way to contact them. This can be an issue, which is why the government is now subsidizing phones for the poor so that they can in fact get employed and moving forward. The subsidy is not without requirements, so it's not just anyone that can get this.

In the available states, the cellular assistance program requires a person to be of lower income bracket and without recourse for purchasing a phone on their own. This means that they have to fill out proper forms and move forward with the process of procuring this option. Without proof of income and filling out the proper paperwork, this option is not available.

For those that are asking whether or not the government offer free cell phone service to the poor, the answer is always going to be, yes. There are some things in life that are standard for communication and we have come to a modern place where giving those less fortunate 250 minutes of cell phone service and a free phone isn't going to break the bank and should be done to help them communicate with one another and get moving forward. There will be a time where a person that is given this device will be able to purchase a new one and get in line with many millions of other people that love technology, but until then, there are options that can help them.


What is Cloud Web Hosting?

One of the biggest issues with starting a website is dealing with the space that you have. On the other end of the spectrum hosts have a hard time with the amount of sites that they put on a server as many companies run shared options rather than individual servers for every website that comes along to register. Keeping that in mind is an important thing to understand when you star to compare traditional options to the latest and greatest in hosting. The latest option is what is known as cloud web hosting and it's quite interesting to note. It is somewhat different than the previous incarnations, and offers a unique balance of features that were previously not able to get passed down to webmasters.

First and foremost, before we can move forward, it's important to understand how cloud systems work. This buzzword is being thrown around all over the Internet and many are starting to get confused as to how it can be employed. The easiest way to define this is in regards to data. When you have data and it is uploaded to the web it traditionally sits in one place. That's no longer the case, because when you utilize cloud options the data sits in clusters across a server or many servers. That is small incremental pieces that all get pulled to display a web page. That makes for faster load time, better security, and easy to utilize control panels.

Finding the best cloud hosting online is one of the more painstaking tasks that you can start working with. The reason being is that there are currently many companies touting that they are the best in the industry. This is all a matter of marketing and hype, which can blind novice users and frustrate professionals. Sifting through the many choices can prove daunting, but there are a few things that you can do to narrow things down.

* Seek Honest Reviews - The first thing that you should do is look for reviews of the company that you want to utilize. If you don't find any reviews, or they are new to the industry, you'll be taking a risk. Make sure that you find honest people that have an account and see what they say. You might get a bit of insight by reading what is being said about any given business.

* Ask Friends - If you have friends that are in technology, ask them about the options that are out there in regards to low cost hosting. Cloud options can cost less than traditional routes, but that relies heavily on the company and amenities that you'll receive as a result.

* Try It Out - One of the best ways to decide on a plan is to take advantage of any "free trials" and limited time offers. Most companies will let you try the services for a short time before you commit, and that will help you in the decision making process. It might take a while to fully get a grasp on this, but if you divide your time properly you will have a good idea on whether or not cloud options are right for you.

Without having a website up, you will fall behind in business. Simply put, you need web hosting and a site to get more leads, subscribers, or even to put up a blog. Don't miss out on this, or else you could end up regretting things.


Save Energy and Money With an Energy Efficient Washing Machine

Saving money on energy can be tough, especially when energy prices are on the rise. Today, more than ever we all need to watch our wallets and make savings wherever we can. If your family needs to cut back on its use of energy one of the first places you should look is your home appliances. Home appliances can use a great deal of energy, and replacing those old inefficient washers, dryers and other appliances with new and more energy efficient models can save you a bundle on electricity and water costs. We live in a world of scarcity and rising fuel cost, so an eagle eye can make all the difference. In fact energy efficient appliances can more than pay for themselves over time, and the special tax breaks for buying energy efficient appliances can make these purchases even wiser.

Buying an energy efficient washing machine is one of the best ways to save both money and energy in the long run. But it is important to shop wisely when looking for an energy efficient washer as there are many pitfalls that you don't want to fall into. Some important things to look for when shopping for a new washing machine include:

- Look for a front loading washing machine. While front loading models are generally more expensive to buy, they also tend to have larger load capacities than top loading models. There is often a misconception that the opposite is true, but this is not always the case. Top loading machines in launderettes are the exception to the rule, not the rule itself. Since washing only full loads is one of the best ways to save energy and money, this greater load capacity can save you a bundle.

- Look for a washing machine with a faster spin speed. Aside from making less noise for less time, a faster spin speed with a more powerful motor will siphon more water through the washer and reduce the necessary drying intervals.

- Avoid washing machines with a central agitator. A central agitator can waste a great deal of energy. That is why many newer model front loading washing machines are designed without one.

- Look for a washing machine with an automatic load size sensor. This is becoming the standard and most top brands now offer multiple models with load size sensors. This will help your washing machine make more efficient use of both energy and water.

Flashing lights, buttons and dials are all well and good and can provide that illusion that your getting real value for money, but often the feature that these operate are not used. Looking for these features will help you find the most energy efficient washing machine for your home. Since these vital appliances are responsible for such a large percentage of the average home's energy use, buying the most energy efficient washing machine you can find can have a big impact on your monthly energy costs. Add to that the benefit that you reducing your carbon footprint and doing a little more to save the environment and you can immediately see the it makes sense to opt for an energy efficient washing machine.


Make Solar Out Door Lighting Part of Your Home

Solar lighting solutions are an advantageous resource and are widely available in the market these days in a vast range of styles. A variety of lighting needs may be addressed with solar lighting like hallway lights, entry lights, walkway lights, security lights, spotlights, work lights, path lighting, lanterns, LED Lights, flashlights, garage door lights and many more. The vast choices in solar lighting give you the flexibility to choose the ones right for your needs. Solar Lighting is generally used as landscaping lighting for the outdoor areas of a home and can be used in gardens and porches to create an attractive effect. If you want to use lights in your outdoor areas, solar lighting can be a good option. It enhances the style and ambiance of a home or garden.

Solar Lighting has ease of installation and many benefits

* Most outdoor solar lights are cordless and don't have to be connected to an electrical system. Homeowners can install their outdoor solar lights by simply placing them on the ground along a walkway or attaching them to a fence. Solar lights require little maintenance. They don't have many parts that may break or require replacement. Solar lights are durable and don't need much maintenance.

* Solar lights get the power they need from the energy of the sun, which is a renewable resource. When other lights are not working due to a power outage the solar lights will keep shining. As long as the solar panel is placed in an area where it can get enough sunlight during the day, the lights will be able to store energy so that they work through the hours of darkness. Generally there are a couple of options with solar lights. Some lights come with the solar panel attached; solar path lights are a typical example of this. In other cases such as solar shed lights the solar panel can be a separate unit from the light. In either case the lights are easy to install and use. Their convenience makes them a good choice.

* Another convenience of solar lights that makes them a popular choice is they are easy to move around. If you decide to change the lighting layout it is simply a case of picking them up and moving them. There is no need to worry about moving cables when you move the light.

* While lighting may constitute 5 to 10 per cent of a household energy bill, using solar lighting is free as the energy comes from the sun. Utility bills will be lower with solar lighting systems.

* Solar lighting is better for the environment. It does not give off emissions or pollution and does not cause global warming. No health hazards are posed by solar lighting, it is economical and using solar lighting benefits the consumer and the environment.

* Solar Lighting can be used for both decorative and practical purposes. Styles such as solar string or rope lighting can be used to decorate an attractive tree or plant and can also be used on patio stairs to provide a little light which makes them safer to use at night. Solar spotlights can also be used to highlight attractive features in a garden, can be used to light up doors, gates and garden sheds to spot the areas easily.

All Over solar lighting can be a good option for the outdoor areas of your home. It is easy to install with no complicated wiring required and it needs no assistance of an electrical professional to install. Most people will be able to set up and install solar lighting themselves and once set up there is not a great deal of effort or maintenance required to keep them working. If you plan to use lighting in your outdoor areas, solar lighting is an excellent choice to make, for its ease and convenience.

About Estelles Lighting: Estelles Lighting, Inc. is acknowledged in the market for our professional approach in the supply of Light fixtures. We supply all kind of lamps, ballasts, tubes, and nearly all types of associated accessories. For more information visit http://www.estelleslighting.com


LED High Bay Lights Benefits

Energy efficiency is one of the biggest benefits which LED high bay lights offer people and they also tend to consume smaller amounts of watts which help to lower electric bills. This is especially important when it comes to business and expense costs because these lights can save as much as 80% on electric bills. The best thing is that the money saved can be used for other costs to make things much easier on the business owner. Have a look around and see who is using these high bay lights so that you can see how they look and how they work and you can get information about them first hand.

You could say that LED high bay lights last practically a lifetime when compared to regular conventional lights. These lights depending on usage have also been known to even last for years. Therefore they save a lot of money on maintenance and replacement. Their durability is why they have become the lights of choice for many people. Another great thing about LED high bay lights is that they are resistant to breakage and damage and will withstand being dropped or bumped. That is very important especially if they are set up in high work areas.

Another great thing about LED high bay lights is that they won't heat up to very high temperatures. This is important for comfort because regular lights tend to heat up and then spread the heat all across the room making for very uncomfortable conditions. Therefore since LED high bay lights stay cool you don't have the need for turning your air conditioner up and you will find that this decreases the need for air conditioning by as much as 20% which gives you more opportunity for saving money.

Keep in mind that even though LED high bay light fixtures tend to cost a bit more in the long run they are worth it because they save you so much money on electricity, replacement and maintenance. Think of them as lights which are cost efficient and energy saving. Don't forget that these lights are also very durable and they don't easily break when you bump them or drop them. This is very important especially if you have them installed in a warehouse where they may come into contact with lifting equipment that can come in touch with them.

LED high bay lights make use of diodes instead of filaments which can be found in conventional lights and therefore they are the most long lasting and durable light fixtures on the market. They have the capability of looking great and burning bright even to the farthest corners which make them great for dark, high risk areas. So if you add up all the advantages which these high bay lights offer you will you can be sure that you have chosen the right lighting fixtures. Once you also start saving money on them you will be glad that you made the right choice.


There Are Positives And Negatives In More Than The Batteries Of Hybrid Cars

This article will be broken down into three sections: the advantages of a hybrid car, the disadvantages of a hybrid car, and then how you can decide whether a hybrid car is for you when comparing the advantages and disadvantages.

Hybrid cars are here to stay. More and more car manufacturers are working on concept cars and hybrids are becoming more and more mainstream every day. At some point in the future, we will all drive hybrid cars. Hybrid cars are great in that they emit less pollutants than do conventional gasoline powered cars. You're having a positive effect on the environment any time you drive a hybrid car. There are also great fuel savings. A hybrid car such as a Civic hybrid can have miles per gallon anywhere from 45 to 60 miles per gallon. This comes in comparison to a conventional gasoline powered Civic sedan with about 25 miles in the city versus 36 miles on the highway per gallon. You are able to save a great deal of money every year because of the fuel efficiency. You also get tax breaks when looking at buying a hybrid car. In 2005, an agreement was put in place allowing tax rebates on different hybrid motor vehicles in these differ based upon what type of vehicle you are buying.

Hybrids do carry some disadvantages which must be noted. When you're looking at buying a hybrid car versus a conventional gasoline powered vehicle, you are going to pay more for the hybrid car. This can be from $1000-$6000 or more for a vehicle. That is a great deal of money for anyone when working to help the environment. Hybrid cars are also heavier due to the makeup of the engine. Most hybrid cars also are built more efficiently so they do not have the same output as many conventional gasoline powered cars do. When talking about accidents, there can be some problems because the electric portion of the engine can create risks of electrocution.

There are advantages versus disadvantages no matter what you do in life. With hybrid cars, you need to think about whether or not you're willing to pay more for the car and compare it to how much you are able to save in money from buying less fuel. You need to figure out how much you drive so that you can see how long it will take for you to recoup the cost of the higher price on the hybrid vehicle. You will be making a positive impact on the environment by creating less pollution.

Hopefully this article on the disadvantages and advantages of a hybrid car gives you good information. There is a cost comparison which comes into play when looking at the difference in price versus the difference in fuel savings. Good luck in figuring out whether the hybrid car or the conventional car works for you.


Best Blu-ray Player Software for playback Blu-ray disc, ISO files on Macbook Air

Despite lack of official support, you can play Blu-ray disc or Blu-ray ISO Files on the Macbook Air. It just takes a few more steps than on a Windows machine, which depends on your hardware. For internal solutions, you'll have to have a Macbook Air, but external drives will let you add Blu-ray abilities to any OS X computer along with some help from third-party software.

Today, I would like to introduce a new way to play your Blu-ray disc or BD ISO on Macbook Air. And what you need is a kind of third-party software named MacBook Air Blu-ray Player from UFUWare which is specially designed for Macbook Air.

First of all, you should make sure your MacBook Air is connected to the network.

Step One: Connect Blu-ray driver

You have to have an external bluray driver. Connect it to Macbook Air via USB interface.

Step Two: Download UFUWare MacBook Air Blu-ray Player

Download the MacBook Air Blu-ray Player and install it at once.

Step Three: Play Blu-ray movies

1) Run UFUWare MacBook Air Blu-ray Player
2) Insert the Blu-ray disc into driver
3) Open the Blu-ray disc. Some Blu-ray discs will be launched automatically, others can be opened by open buttons.

There are two open buttons: "Open File" and "Open Disc".

When you play BD, just click on the "Open Disc" button and select the BD in the pop-up dialogue. After a couple seconds of loading, you can enjoy the Blu-ray movies on Mac freely. Otherwise, you can press "Open File" button to play Blu-ray ISO files or videos in other media formats.

UFUWare Mac Blu-ray Player enables you to play any Blu-ray disc released in different regions and Blu-ray folder/ISO files that you've backed up on Mac (iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, etc) with vivid video effect. Also this Blu-ray Player for Mac allows you to play the specific chapter/title of the Blu-ray movie and support playing Blu-ray disc with DTS HD Master Audio or Dolby True HD Audio.

In addition, this Mac 4K Blu-ray Player software has the ability to play 4K video, 1080p HD video with truly high quality and fluent video effect. What's more, any media format like AVCHD, MTS, M2TS, TS, MXF, MKV, TRP, MOV, MPEG, RMVB, and FLV, etc. is available for playback on this multifunctional Mac Media Player software.


Identity Theft Victim Records

Identity theft crimes are not new, but they have become more persuasive in the past decade. In mid-2005, San Francisco Chronicle discovered that holders of more than 40 million credit cards were vulnerable to financial fraud because identity thieves had compromised their credit card information. Earlier that year, information and data broker, Reed Elsevier Group PLC, revealed that several hundred thousand people might have had their profiles stolen from one of its U.S. databases. One quickly learns to secure their computer networks so that these kinds of attacks, or leaks are non-existant.

Information compromised included names, age, physical descriptions, mailing addresses, Social Security, and driver license numbers. This is virtually everything an impersonator needs to set up a clone of the identity theft victim, enabling him to make a number of financial and personal transactions in the victim's name. Usually an identity theft victim is usually under age forty, while about 11 percent of victims are age sixty or older. According to Federal Trade Commission (FTC), one in six identity theft victims said that thieves used their personal information to open at least one new account, such as credit card accounts or loan accounts, to rack up debts on existing accounts. The most recent data indicates that 9.3 million Americans (or 4.25% of all adults) are victims of ID theft on an annual basis. This is an alarming rate and should show you that you NEED to take preventative steps toward protecting your identity.

An identity theft victim risks the destruction of his/her good credit history, and may spend years, and large sums of money restoring the credit history and goodwill. There are instances of an identity theft victim been denied work or insurance or been detained for crimes he did not commit! Some victims of ID theft found that their names have been misused after police stopped them for a traffic violation and discovered that there is a warrant for their arrest. There are also times when an innocent person receives a summons to appear in court to answer for a criminal act. FTC's latest survey shows ID theft losses to businesses and financial institutions total $52.6 billion annually. Recently, Federal Trade Commission launched a website annualcreditreport where all consumers are eligible for a free copy of their credit reports. Take the time to go to that site and get your free credit report. This can be a step to alerting you to suspicious activity.


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