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Online Selling Avenues: Amazon

Amazon began in 1994 as an online bookstore - the brainchild of entrepreneur Jeff Bezos. Bezos recognized the early potential of e-commerce and adapted one of the most successful mail order industries (books) to the internet. It soon expanded to other types of media, and ultimately it has gained a presence in multiple types of markets. It has become, in essence, the online "one stop shop."

Amazon's innovation didn't stop there though. Apart from its role as an online retailer, Amazon offers many products and services. It has continually expanded, seeking new ways in which it might make a profit - many of which can assist small businesses or entrepreneurs. One of these services is Selling on Amazon, a method by which any individual can sell an item on Amazon.

Amazon has continually grown, becoming the top internet resource for online shopping - even surpassing eBay! Because of this, expanding to Amazon as one of your alternative platforms is an excellent way to increase your profits.


There are two categories of membership to sell on Amazon: Professional and Individual. Professional accounts are for sellers who plan on selling many items every month - 40 or more. Individual accounts are for those that plan on selling fewer than 40. The basic payment difference favors 40 items as the point to switch from Individual to Professional because while Professional sellers are required to pay $40 per month, they do not have the required $1.00 per item fee imposed on Individual sellers.

Professional sellers can add promotions, create new items in the Amazon catalog and customize certain shipping rates. They also have the ability to list items in some categories that Individual sellers cannot. And to top it all off, Professional sellers have access to special bulk listing tools. Of course, while the perks of a Professional seller are important, it can be a smart tactic to approach selling on Amazon merely with an Individual seller account and upgrade as it begins to bring in consistent sales.

Listing the Item

Even without the bulk listing tools available to Professional memberships, listing an item on Amazon is quick and easy. You simply select the item from the catalog, choose the condition and add a quick note about it. There isn't an easier way to sell online!

With most types of items, Amazon has a preset shipping price and transit time. Amazon automatically charges this shipping cost to the customer, but you are expected to ship it in such a manner that it arrive within the promised time period. (This number is fairly liberal, so you should not have any problem as long as you ship the item promptly after having an order placed.)

Items that are sold are charged a percentage fee of the price. This can be anywhere from 6-25% depending on the type of item, though most are in the 8-15% range. Additionally, media items such as books, videos and software are also charged a fixed closing fee of about $1.00.

Amazon Payments

Amazon uses its own checkout program rather than third party systems like PayPal or Google Checkout. Because of this, shopper can add items to their cart from multiple sellers and pay at one time. Additionally, customers can use Amazon gift cards when purchasing from third party vendors in this way. Amazon Payments can also be used on independent websites as a checkout system, so if you like it, you can add it to your own e-commerce website.

It's true that Amazon dominates the e-commerce landscape. But rather that try to fight against it as a competitor, why not take advantage of its massive marketing and brand awareness by selling your own products on their platform? This can be an excellent avenue, whether it is your primary method or selling online or merely an additional marketing opportunity.


Dell's New Inspiron R Laptops - What Consumers Should Know

If you are contemplating buying a new Inspiron R laptop, this particular model has many advantages. Dell has put serious effort into designing a laptop that has a plethora of features, is reasonably priced and has a unique look. The Inspirons feature lids that can be replaced, meaning that you can pick your own style, just like you can with smart phones by changing the cover. This review will analyze some of the benefits and drawbacks of the Inspiron R laptops.

Usually the weakest point of a laptop or notebook, particularly the lower priced computers, is the keyboard. Thankfully Dell's Inspiron R laptop line has pretty decent keyboard performance. It's unlikely that you are going to have problems in this area as the keyboard doesn't have that annoying bounce and the trackpad is very responsive. There is some flexing as you type so even if you plan on using the laptop heavily for work or school assignments and need to do a lot of writing on it, you should still be fine.

You can find better keyboards in other laptops but they are more than likely going to be a lot more expensive.

Even though the Dell Inspiron R laptops are nicely priced you might find some of the ways that they perform surprising. While this is not what you'd call a gaming laptop, you'll find that many games play very well on these computers, and the graphics are quite impressive. The view you see on your screen is going to depend partly on what kind of Inspiron you are going to get but most of the time the performance is perfectly fine for gaming purposes. These laptops run on Intel processors powerful enough to support a reasonable level of multitasking without slowing things down so we are confident in telling you that the Inspiron R laptops do not perform like the other bargain basement computers that are sold for these same prices.

The speakers on the Inspiron R laptops are adequate, but certainly not fantastic. This feature has been complained about in reviews but still, keep your expectations reasonable. Laptops, especially those that are priced the same as the Inspiron R, are not known for their sound systems. Of course, when you listen to music on this laptop it does sound kind of distorted so Dell probably could have put more work into it. So when sound matters to you, your best course of action is to get a pair of speakers or to listen to music through some good headphones. Sound is okay for most purposes, but definitely not one of the strong points of the new Inspiron R laptops.

Now that you know more about some of the major features that the Inspiron R laptops have offer, hopefully you'll be in a much better position to help decide if they are actually right for you. When you're trying to stick to a strict budget and still want a laptop with a really appealing design and a bunch of really great features, Inspiron R laptops are a great option.


Digital Camera Ratings For Kodak Easyshare Digital Cameras

Kodak is a trusted name in cameras, and the Kodak Easyshare digital camera line is one of their most popular products. These are great point and shoot cameras that many people really love. The digital camera ratings for the Kodak Easyshare cameras are very good in general. Here are a few of the most popular models.

Kodak Easyshare C613

This is one of the top rated digital cameras that Kodak puts out and is very compact. It has 6.2 megapixels which is a good range for normal camera use. It has 3x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom. It also features a 2.4" color LCD to view your photos right away. Digital image stabilization reduces hand shake and allows you to get clear shots without blurriness. It has an auto focus feature and a macro focus that allows you to focus on images as close as 5.1 inches. It is compatible with PictBridge as well as ImageLink. The 16 scene modes and the movie mode with sound lets you customize your shots. This top rated digital camera features 16MB of internal memory and is SD card compatible. All this for only $100.

Kodak C813

If you are looking for a Kodak Easyshare digital camera with a few more megapixels, try the Kodak C813. It boasts 8.2 megapixels, 3x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom. There is a 2.4" Colro LCD to make taking your pictures easier. It also has digital image stabilization and an auto and macro focus feature. You can focus on objects as close as 5 inches. It is PictBridge and ImageLink savvy for easy printing. There is a movie mode and 16 scene modes. This Kodak Easyshare digital camera has 16MB of internal memory and is compatible with SD cards and MMC cards. This sleek compact digital camera scores four and a half out of five stars and costs around $100.

Kodak Easyshare Z612

Get more for your money with this Kodak Easyshare digital camera with four and a half out of five stars in consumer digital camera reviews. Not only do you get a great full size digital camera, but you also get a G600 printer dock. The Z612 offers 6.1 megapixels. It also allows you 12x optical zoom for perfect distance shots. The image stabilization feature reduces hand shake. It has a 2.5" color LCD screen and a 10 second self timer for delayed shots. There is 32MB of internal memory and it is SD card compatible. The printer dock prints 4x6, 3x4, 2x3, and miniature photos. It is also PictBridge and ImageLink compatible. This is a great value for only $300.


Decent cheaper laptop with replaceable battery

Going to the local computer, office supply, and big box stores it seems like all of the newer laptops have non-replaceable batteries. I'm looking for a 14" machine that is straight Intel so it will run Linux easily, but I can't find any locally. Something with a standard keyboard, with no number pad. No touch screen, nor Windows 8. It seems like all of the smaller machines from a few years ago aren't made any more. Any suggestions for decent machine that isn't appl€. Opinions aside, I don't like apple stuff. Would it be better to go with a Sager/MSI/other generic brand to try and get the cost down, since they are all made in the same places?

I keep seeing these articles on-line about how back to school sales will have great deals, but they all look like ultrabooks.

Yeah, a lot of laptops are moving to the Ultrabook format. I hear you about wanting to remove the battery - I just bought an Acer Aspire AO756 11.6" sub-notebook (basically a fast netbook). It's nearly identical to a Chromebook but came with Windows 8. Not only have I already bought a spare laptop battery but upgraded the wireless card, RAM, and (eventually) the hard drive. Can't do that with an ultrabook or not very easily.

You can probably find lots of non-ultrabooks on say Dell's website. You can also try Costco or their website (better selection online). Costco has a 90 day return policy on all computers. I'm not sure you even have to be a member to buy off of their website, but if you want to return it you probably must pay to ship it back to get a refund.

How to store your battery?
Keep your battery in a cool and dry storage area.
Do not fully charge your rechargeable batteries before storage.
Do not store your battery fully depleted.
Do not stockpile your laptop batteries and avoid buying dated stock.
Never leave a nickel-based battery sitting on a charger for more than a few days.
Always store a lead acid battery in full-charge condition.
Observe the open terminal voltage and recharge the battery as recommended by the manufacturer.


Choosing The Right Wheeled Laptop Bag

Nowadays every businessperson traveling carries a laptop. Many also have chronic backaches from carrying those laptops. Some of the large screen laptops are very heavy. For the frequent traveler, a wheeled laptop bag offers the opportunity to have all of your information handy without draining you of your strength. A wheeled laptop bag is ideal. Rolling bags come in a several different varieties.

Rolling bags are a cross between luggage and a briefcase. There are soft-sided and hard-sided bags from which to choose. A wheeled bag should be large enough to handle the laptop and all of the other devices that are associated with your particular business. If documents need to be printed, the rolling bags should be large enough to handle the smaller document printers that are available.

A new wheeled laptop bag can range in price from under $100 to well over $300. It will depend on your needs and of course, your budget. The bags will have several compartments. The various pockets will handle most of your laptop accessories. This will include your power cord, mouse, thumb drives and a larger pocket for a small printer.

Detachable pieces will allow you to remove your laptop from the rolling bags to allow security to put the rest of your luggage through screening without damaging the laptop. This feature is not available on all brands of a wheeled bag.

Durability is a prime necessity. These bags are designed for heavy duty use and travel. Once you have established your budget limitation, you can begin your search.

Aside from wheel use, the part of the wheeled laptop bag that will get the most abuse and use is the handle. It should be sturdy and easily extended and retracted. The handle should be sturdy and smooth as it extends. Rolling bags take a lot of abuse and the handle is an essential part of any wheeled bag.

A wheeled bag can be found in most stores that carry electronic devices and carry cases. Look at all of the compartments in the wheeled laptop bag. There should be at least three different areas to store your supplies. One will be used for your paperwork, one for the laptop and another for the attachments for the laptop as well as other electronic devices.

Always check the dimensions of the wheeled laptop bag. Not all will accommodate a seventeen-inch laptop and the other equipment necessary for your trip. Name brand luggage makers make a wheeled bag that will suit your needs. Once you have established your need, the degree of protection that is needed and what you can afford, you can begin shopping.

If you do not do a lot of air travel in your business, you may not need to invest in rolling bags with detachable computer compartments. The bag you choose should be large enough to accommodate your needs and travel safely in your vehicle.

A quick internet search can yield an assortment of wheeled laptop bags that can get both you and your laptop to your destination safely.


Keep tabs on your trucks using Fleet Tracking technology

There was a time when delivery drivers left a depot in the morning and the only time you new when they had dropped their load was if they cared to ring from the drop-off point. It's a different story today. Modern Fleet tracking systems keep a watchful eye over deliveries; you know where your trucks are day and night.

Some of the most advanced telematics systems that incorporate Fleet Tracking technology not only send data back about the vehicle, they report on the driver as well. It's clever stuff and with Fleet Tracking you can monitor the movements of your deliveries, enhancing customer service at the same time.

Fleet Tracking helps you to reduce fuel consumption and boosts vehicle security as well. Fitted by teams who supply car audio equipment, Fleet Tracking is a valuable vehicle asset tool.

What are the advantages of Fleet tracking?

Remember the days when you hoped and prayed your trucks would be landing at depots but you had a sneaking suspicion they'd be parked at a roadside cafe instead? They're long gone. Advanced ranges of Fleet Tracking give your fingertip information; you know exactly where your wagons are at all times.

Ask experts in car audio to Install Fleet Tracking solutions and information is compiled about individual journeys, you can use this data to plan routes with greater efficiency in the future, reducing wasted man hours in the process.

Fleet Tracking helps you to keep abreast of maintenance schedules; you know exactly when your vehicles need MOTs or new road tax thanks to feedback from the tracking systems.

Use this type of smart technology and you'll find Fleet Tracking makes massive savings and helps to improve service levels too.

Cut down on crime

Vehicle theft is rife in the UK but effective Fleet tracking solutions help to reduce crime. You'd be able to track and trace your trucks if they had Fleet Tracking systems fitted by specialists in car audio.

Monitor your trucks at every stage of their journey and you'll know exactly where they are once Fleet Tracking is operational. Tell the police exactly where your prized assets are if they get stolen, Fleet Tracking provides pinpoint accuracy.

It's really easy to keep tabs on your trucks when you have Fleet Tracking fitted; thieves just haven't got a chance.


Technology and you

If somebody asked you to define or explain the word 'technology', what would your answer be? Would you even know where to begin? In today's day and age, technology is a big thing; continually improving and ever expanding, it is prevalent in our everyday lives. Now you may be of the belief that technology is just computers, machinery and equipment; wrong! Technology is so much more than that. It is an idea; a way of making a change; a way of ensuring continued development and progression within society. Speaking in plain terms, it's downright amazing.

Have you ever asked yourself where you would be without technology? Consider the following situation. You've woken up late as you didn't set the alarm - what a great way to start the day! You stumble around in the darkness, hoping you've buttoned your shirt up correctly for work and that your morning meeting is delayed; that'll at least give you time for a coffee. You proceed to the kitchen to pick up your mobile, only to find you're out of charge - damn, you knew there was something you'd forgotten to do. You have no option but to continue on your way to work, charger in tow.

Once out of the door and half way to work, you further realise the memory stick with your presentation on is still sat on your bedside table. You groan, inwardly and outwardly. You're going to have to revert to using a flip board and pen now; bang goes that fancy slideshow. In fact, one look at the traffic and bang goes your morning meeting. With no phone charge, you can't even call ahead to let anybody know where you are and why you're not in work yet. Just great.

Technology is such a large part of our everyday lives; in general, we've come to rely on our gadgets and devices being there all the time and quite simply working for us at the touch of a button. For many it is a culture shock to experience life without it, for example, if their laptop breaks they find themselves feeling lost, or if holidaying in a no signal area they are in a state of disarray. How on earth are you to complete your daily activities without technology? With difficulty is the answer.

No doubt we're all agreed that technology has a large impact on our lives. It is for this reason you should always ensure you take good care of your devices and look after them. Think back to the situation above; do you really want to end up living as if in the dark ages, pining after your working devices? Take action today to protect your technology. It might just be the best thing you ever did.


Can You Really Learn To Play a Musical Instrument From an Online Course?

Out of the 250 million people in the United States, about 25 million of them play an instrument of some kind, or used to when they were in school and would like to pick up where they left off. Another 30 million or so sing in a church choir, a barbershop quartet, or at the very least, in the shower.

That means that there are over 50 million adults who would like to play their instrument or sing better than they do now. After all, everyone wants to improve his or her skills, no matter what the field.

Before the advent of the Internet, if adults wanted to learn to play a musical instrument, they had to schedule a lesson time with a teacher in a store or studio or if they were fortunate, in their own home with a teacher who would come each week for a lesson.

That meant doing it after work, driving to a store or studio, dealing with transportation, babysitting, illness, cancellations, and so on. Very few adults who started lessons that way continued very long, as it was a continual hassle.

But with the development of the World Wide Web, music teachers have gone online to offer lessons to adults in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. No scheduling problems, no transportation issues, no cancellations; none of the problems inherent in traditional lessons.

Here are a few of the many courses available for adults online:

Jamorama Guitar Course; a course in guitar playing

Stripped-Down Guitar Course; a course in guitar playing

SlapBass Guitar Riffs: like the name says

Guitar Made Easy; a basic guitar course

Acoustic Guitar Workshop; lessons on acoustic guitar instead of electric guitar

Screaming Fingers Guitar Course; the name tells the story

One Weekend Guitar; a crash course in guitar

Make Money Teaching Guitar; how to teach guitar and make a living

Learn Chords Fast; course in chords and chord formations

Instant Chord Finding Software Download; a wonderful piece of software that you download to your desktop which allows you to instantly find any piano chord

84 Piano Chords; course in 84 piano chords

"Crash Course" in Exciting Piano Playing on DVD: a complete home study course for adults in exciting piano playing which covers everything from sight-reading to chords to arranging to improvising to theory and harmony and technique and styles and more. A year-long course on multiple DVD dics with co-ordinated books and charts.

How To Play Piano By Ear; a course in playing the piano by ear

How To Dress Up Naked Music; a course in adding full sounds to any song using chords, runs, echos, fills, counter-melodies, styles, etc.

How To Play Praise & Gospel Piano; a course for those who want to play in a praise group or worship team, plus make traditional hymns contemporary.

How To Play "Black Gospel" Piano; course in black gospel piano

How To Play Contemporary Urban Worship Piano; advanced course in black gospel

All The Chords In The Whole Wide World; exhaustive course in ALL the chords possible on DVD and book

How To Play Chord Piano...In Ten Days; course that teaches "chord piano" fast

Learn To Play Electronic Keyboards; like the title says

Singing Success; a course in singing

Drum patterns online to download; drum rhythm patterns you can download online

Your own "Drum Machine" online; like a rhythm machine

Learn to read music fast; sight-reading course online

Children Can Read Notes Easily; sight-reading course for kids

Learn to Read Music in One Evening; quick method for adults to learn to read music

Even though this is a big list of music courses for adults now, it is growing at an exponential rate. The opportunity for learning music at your own pace online has never been greater, so take advantage of it and start improving your musical skills without delay!


Buying A Home Theater System

No one had a clue during the early days of television the incredible impact that this device would have over people and their daily lives nearly a century later. I can hardly believe the difference between the television offerings of my childhood and the vast number of quality shows, channels, and information that is available by simply turning on the television. In addition to that, the quality of sound that can be achieved through the simple act of adding a receiver and surround sound speakers to your television is day and night when comparing before and after.

I do not think for one second anyone could have possibly anticipated the global impact that televisions have introduced. Add to that the entertainment value and the fact that we are now using our televisions for much more than simply watching and you have opened up a whole new world of entertainment. Surround sound not only works wonders with movies and (some) television shows but is also an excellent enhancement for video games and even music.

Televisions are also being used for more purposes now than ever before. With each generation of video game system there are new features added that require more from the televisions and speaker systems we spend so much of our time enjoying. From the days when people first gained the ability to check their email on their television sets, the technology seed has been planted for greater things to come. Each year new televisions and new surround sound and home theater systems hit the market with amazing success among consumers. We all want more sound, better pictures, and more functionality from a piece of technology that is not yet a century old. It's amazing the progress that has been made already and the rapid rate at which this technology continues to evolve.

Surround sound is only one example of the great possibilities that exist in the entertainment industry, it simply happens that this is one piece of the technology puzzle that enhances so many other of the things that we enjoy so much on a daily basis. From gaming to music to movies, all are enhanced by the technology and premium sound that a good surround sound system with high quality speakers can provide. When purchasing speakers for your surround sound system, be sure to make sure that they are THX certified in order to assure that you are getting top quality speakers for your surround sound system or home theater.

You will find as you sort through the various surround sound systems in the market today that there are many options available to you. I hope that you will take the time to find the one that you like best and keep an open mind when you bring it into your home. It is important to remember that you may find the system doesn't sound as good in your home as it did in the store (acoustics are going to be different). If this is the case with your system, make a note of the differences that you find troublesome, and return the kit to the store, then ask for recommendations on systems that might work better in your home. You should also include things like the size of the room, the types of walls and flooring you have (all of these things affect the acoustical quality of your room). Most importantly, make the most of the advances that technology has allowed and enjoy.


Macbook Repairs

Computers have become a vital part of everyday life, from communicating with family members to keeping abreast of current affairs and design work. Many computer users choose a Macbook over a PC for their superior performance. When a Macbook develops a fault it can be very frustrating and inconvenient. Companies offering Macbook repairs can be a god-send at such as time.

A Macbook repairs company will complete repairs quickly - usually offering turnaround in a couple of days. Quick Macbook repairs are a necessity for many people, especially if their Macbook is used for work purposes and any downtime is eating in to productivity and profits. Most companies offering Macbook repairs will give maximum wait times as part of their marketing campaign. Macbook repairs are usually carried out remotely. Your Macbook will be couriered to the repairs company who, after carrying out the repair, will send your Macbook back by courier service. Carrying out Macbook repairs in this manner mean no lengthy trips to the repair company.

Of course you want your Macbook repairs to not only be carried out quickly, but also effectively. Having to carry out further Macbook repairs two months down the line is very frustrating and inconvenient. Many companies offering Macbook repairs will include guarantees on their work and you would be wise to choose a Macbook repairs company that does offer such a guarantee. As Macbook technology is different to the technology in PCs it is also wise to choose a company that specialise in Macbook repairs. Companies are who are Apple Premium Service Providers have met certain requirements and can confidently offer Macbook repairs.

The cost of a Macbook repairs is also very important. Ideally, you would want to know how much the Macbook repairs are going to cost before they begin, and for that price to remain the same unless the repair is a very complex and unusual job. Spiralling costs for Macbook repairs will only add to people's frustrations. Many companies specialising in Macbook repairs will offer a no fix, no fee guarantee, ensuring that you are not left paying for a repair job that has not fully fixed your laptop.

If your Macbook is in need of repair visit irepairsystems.com. As an Apple Premium Service Provider, they offer skilled and specialised Macbook repairs and Macbook Pro repairs. With a two day turnaround and a secure mail-in service, you can be confident that your Macbook will be running again with minimum disruption.


What Is MIDI And How Does It Work In Electronic Keyboards?

How can one or two musicians sound like a full band? The answer is MIDI. It's the abbreviation for "Musical Instrument Digital Interface." It's the electronic "language" that is "spoken" between different instruments and the main device (computer) controlling them.

Put simply, MIDI allows different instruments to communicate with one another and with a central computer. It could be compared to a group of people who all speak different languages trying to communicate. A person who speaks Spanish could issue a command in Spanish to someone who speaks French. An interface would translate that information into a code. The code would be transferred via a cable to the person who speaks French. That code would in turn transmit the original message in French. That same code could be transmitted to another person in any other language. The message will be understood as long as all are on a common interface.

Musical Instrument Digital Interface allows any MIDI-capable instrument to interact with any other MIDI instrument and/or computer. This makes it possible for one central computer or instrument to control every other device connected to it. The devices are connected via MIDI cables. The cables transmit the information from device to device.

MIDI is most commonly associated with electronic keyboards. The reason is that keyboards were among the earliest instruments to be manufactured MIDI-capable. Electronic keyboards tend to be the preferred instrument for creating MIDI files. Keyboards are also among the simplest to use as command centers for a bank of connected instruments.

Today, however, there are numerous instruments that are manufactured with MIDI interfaces. MIDI guitars and drum machines are common. Wind and brass instruments can also be MIDI capable.

Musical Instrument Digital Interface is different from an audio recording. Audio recording is a replication of sound waves. A MIDI file on the other hand is actually a code. No sound waves are recorded. Instead, a file is created which contains coded information. The information can then be transferred from instrument to instrument or computer. The receiving device "reads" the code, and it is interpreted in that device's "language."

Let's use the electronic keyboard as an example. A musician could play a particular song on the keyboard. MIDI turns that music into a binary code. The code contains information on what keys were pressed. It also interprets things like:

* The amount of pressure applied to the keys.

* The intervals between each key pressed.

* Whether the pitch changes while a key is pressed.

This code can then be transferred to other devices. The same song can be then be reproduced. MIDI files can also be created on a regular computer. The files can then be transferred to various instruments.

It's even possible to control other devices through Musical Instrument Digital Interface. A lighting system is one example of this. An entire bank of stage lights can be controlled by a computer or even an electronic keyboard.

What does this mean for musicians and performers? One person could conceivably give a stage performance utilizing multiple instruments simultaneously. This same lone musician could even be his own light technician. He can do it all and sing too by simply pressing computer or electronic keyboard keys at the right times.

MIDI revolutionized the world of music and performance. The technology continues to have wide-reaching application possibilities. Its quality has greatly improved since it was first invented in the early 1980s. Today Musical Instrument Digital Interface is considered an essential part of many performer's and band's equipment.


Classroom Technology - The evolution of technological interfacing

Since the dawn of time communication has always been an essential part of our development, and it is one of a few features that set us apart from other creatures. In the past century there have been a number of technological advancements that have revolutionised the way in which we can communicate, for instance, the telephone provided a practical solution to long distance communication, and the Internet provides a massive amount of potential for communication in many different ways. But it is only in the past few decades that technology has really taken off and started having a bigger impact.

These days a co-worker might email their friend in the next cubicle, attend a virtual meeting via the Internet to exchange information, or text a flat mate when your own your way home to see if they want anything picking up from the shop. Though these methods of communication are effective there is much debate about whether or not new technology has stained the art of communication. With the vast majority of younger generations choosing to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter as their primary source of communication, whether or not they are developing the necessary interpersonal skills that they will need as an adult is uncertain.

It's not just how we communicate with one another that is being revolutionised by the digital age, possibly of equal importance, is the development of new and innovative ways to interface with technology. Interfacing with computers is something that is seemingly going to be an inevitable part of the future, given that computers have already become heavily integrated into society already. New techniques for interfacing with technology have a variety of implications for a number of subjects, for example a musician might prefer to use a MIDI controller to a computer keyboard.

At the forefront of new techniques for technological interfacing is gesture based technology that works with natural user interfaces. No doubt many of you will have seen this type of technology portrayed in films, for example Minority Report, where Tom Cruise manipulates 3D images with his hands, or activates a complex instruction through a simple command. Though it will be a long time before anything as slick as that is about, the potential is still there. Nintendo Wii has already set the benchmark for computer consoles using gesture technology and Microsoft's Kinect technology will available as an add on to the Xbox 360. Kinect will include full body 3D motion capture so the user will be able to control their avatar through simple gestures.


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